Feline Raindrop Technique

kitty raindropRaindrop Technique for cats is a home remedy for cats that combines therapeutic grade essential oils and other holistic modalities to revitalise your cat’s health. Kitty Raindrop Technique (KRDT) can support the body in combating cat tumours, allergies, respiratory infection and more.

What are the Benefits of Feline Raindrop Technique?

Cats can expect to have many of the fantastic benefits of raindrop as humans, horses and dogs. Some of the conditions that holistic vets and animal practitioners are using KRDT (and essential oils) for are:

  • Address emotional and physical well being of the cat
  • Pain management including arthritis, inflammation and injury recovery
  • Allergies and respiratory infections
  • Feline lymphosarcoma, cat cancer and tumours
  • Prevent and combat infection including urinary tract and autoimmune disease
  • Detoxify kitty patients after anaesthesia and surgery
  • Help release toxins and boost immune system
  • Treat Feline Diabetes.

It may also compliment treatment for other conditions since reducing the toxic load on the body will help to boost the immune system and accelerate healing.