Raindrop Technique

The Raindrop Technique session takRaindrop Techniquees inspiration from the ancient Egyptians, ancient Tibetans, Native Americans and Western massage.

It starts with an Energy Balancing step. This is performed as you lie on your back and can take from 5 to 15 minutes. First a Young Living Essential Oil‘s blend Valor is applied to your feet and then the feet are held. This brings on a deep state of relaxation.

Next comes the Vitaflex Technique where Young Living Essential Oil‘s are applied to your feet using the Ancient Tibetan form of reflexology. Whereas reflexology normally uses a rubbing motion the Vitaflex Technique uses a movement to send an electrical pulse along the nerve pathways of the body. This sends you into a deeper state of relaxation.

Coming back to your body you then roll over for the Raindrop Technique. Essential Oils are then dripped along your spine from a height of 15 cms. This means the oils are interacting with your body’s aura even before the physical contact with your body. This is inspired by the Native American belief that raindrops falling from a height may purify and cleanse the body and spirit. The oils are then spine-tinglingly ‘feathered’ in and combined with some Vitaflex movements and modern massage.

You then roll back over onto your back where your head is cupped and your body is rocked to pump the lymphatic fluid.

I only use Young Living Essential Oils as they are high quality organic therapeutic grade oils. You deserve the best.

Please note: if you have any blood clots you will not be able to have a Raindrop session until signed off by a medical doctor.

First session costs $120
Subsequent sessions cost $100

Would your pet benefit from a Raindrop session? Modified sessions are suitable for pets.