Canine Raindrop Technique

dogRaindrop Technique for dogs is a home remedy for dogs that uses a combination of essential oils and holistic modalities to bring structural alignment and electrical balance to the dog’s body.

What are the Benefits of Canine Raindrop Technique?

Dogs can expect to have the same benefits of raindrop as humans. Listed below are some additional examples provided by holistic vets that use Raindrop Technique for dogs as part of their practice to help with dog health problems:

  • Address physical and emotional well being of the dog
  • Prevent and combat sore backs and muscles before and after training or showing
  • Treat dog hip problems and joint pain
  • Use as an adjunct to dog arthritis remedies
  • Prevent and treat illness or colds
  • Detoxify canine patients after anaesthesia and surgery
  • Treat Canine Lyme Disease
  • Help release toxins and boost immune system.

It may also compliment treatment for dog melanoma, tumours and cancer, hives and allergies. Decreasing the toxic load on the body may help to boost the immune system and accelerate the healing process.